The culmination of many years of mediumistic work and several months of transcribing and collating, the new Communications title Many Voices, One Mission is now available. You can find full details of this new 480-page book under our Book Shop heading, where you can order your copy now for immediate dispatch.

We are pleased to announce that the fifth Joseph Communications title, From Here To Infinity, has now been released as an audio book.

Read by Michael, From Here To Infinity is available in audio book format here.

Trance Mission audio books

Working with our dedicated sound engineer, Michael is currently recording Trance Mission, which will be released as two audiobooks in the spring of 2018.

The Spaces Between New Book

Michael is currently sitting in trace at regular intervals with The Band of Light to bring through Joseph’s seventh Communication’s book, “The Spaces Between”, which should be available by summer 2018. Please check in for regularly for updates.